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At Expert Engineering and Education we provide workforce development solutions to increase the operational capabilities of your personnel. Our education services for Engineers and Technical staff instill efficiencies that increase long-term viability. Not only does workforce development increase productivity but it also decreases turnover and reduce costs. We offer several Engineering and Technical courses in addition to professional certification preparatory courses. Each course is customized to fit the time, format, personnel background and goals of your specific organization. Let us provide you with practical training that will increase the performance of your organization.

Expert Engineering and Education. Welding Engineering Consulting in Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Hampton, Newport News, Chesapeake in Virginia

Core Competencies

-Customized Workforce Development For Engineers and Technicians



-Welding Engineering

Welding Engineering and Workforce Development.  Training welders and inspectors

Our Staff

Our staff are engineering experts with extensive welding engineering experience. We are former National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Engineers, University Professors, Certified Welders, Certified Welding Inspectors (CWIs), and Welding Engineers.

We have extensive experience teaching undergraduate and graduate-level engineering courses in metallurgy, welding processes, and the design of welded structures. Additional educational experience includes CWI preparation, welding workmanship training, and welding courses for welding technicians.

Our staff has published in numerous scientific journals, and has provided reviews for many scientific journal publications. The team actively presents at multiple engineering conferences every year and had invited talks at large government agencies such as the Air Force Research Lab, NASA, and the Navy's National Shipbuilding Research Program.

Members of our team have secured and managed hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of government-agency welding engineering research projects from the Navy, NASA, and the National Science Foundation. While also providing welding engineering solutions for private industry.

Expert Engineering & Education

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