Consulting Services

Engineering, Inspection, and training experts in one location

We provide design, manufacturing optimization, inspection, and failure analysis (Forensics) services for welded structures. Let our Engineering Experts Engineer your welding, quality assurance, and training programs. Our staff are subject matter experts that possess the background and certifications necessary to meet requirements of many government codes and standards.

Certifications include:

Welding Engineering SOLUTIONS to Meet compliance and Reduce COsts

Let our welding engineers lower your production costs with more efficient welding design and processing methods. Provide us with a design, and let our experts demonstrate how much we can save you.

Our engineers have the welding engineering experience to overcome your unexpected welding challenges and the necessary certifications to meet ASME, AWS​, ABS, ISO, and NAVSEA code requirements.

Welding Engineering Consulting Services:

  • Expert Witness Testimony

  • Welding Process Efficiency and Design Reviews to Lower Costs

  • Weld Procedure Development and Qualification

  • Failure Analysis

  • Failure Remediation

  • Welding Audits

  • Welding Testing and Research

  • Welding Codes Compliance

  • Welding Metallurgy Evaluations

    • Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Nickel and Titanium alloys

  • Welding Inspections

  • Setup of Robotic Welding systems

Experts with Engineering and inspection experience

Not only do we offer inspection services, but all of our inspection experts are also welding engineers. Therefore, we have the ability to give you more insight into the causes and solutions of welding defects.

NDT Services:

  • PT, MT, UT, VT, and CWI Inspections

  • NDT Level III Services

    • Developing, qualifying, and approving procedures

  • NDT Audits

  • NDT Training

Welder Workmanship Training.  NDT training, CWI Training. NDT III services

Expert Engineering & Education

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